England Cricketer Stuart Broad surprised staff in a BP Garage in Feltham today (September 17) when he arrived to lend a helping hand in store. The Ashes hero took some time out of his busy diary to help out the everyday busy commuters and employees while educating them on the importance of having a healthy diet while on the go.

Broad said: “It’s easy for me to stay healthy when I am on tour and at my busiest because I have nutritionists who plan my meals for me, so I thought it was important for me to encourage others who all have busy lives to eat healthily and make sure they snack well when they don’t have time to plan.”

The England Cricket champion was there to help celebrate the launch of Maxinutrition Protein Milk; a healthy snack for the everyday on-the-go consumer. Protein Milk is the first low fat, high protein ready-to-drink snack by Maxinutrition to be available in local convenience stores and forecourts.