Inform Information Systems’ product,, will be used by EuroGarages to support fuel pricing across its growing network of 100-plus retail locations.

The deal will allow EuroGarages to monitor the market in real time and assist it in price decision making, enhancing its fuel pricing capabilities as the chain continues to grow, according to Guy Bickerstaffe, general manager at EuroGarages, who said the product was chosen after an extensive market assessment and trial process over several months where it was successful in demonstrating that it could meet key requirements.

“Making and implementing the right pricing decisions quickly is now a key process for us during this period of growth. We identified as the best available solution," said Bickerstaffe.

“In the trial we integrated our Fairbanks wet-stock system so we could assess margins based on our stock levels as we review pricing decisions.

“IIS’s long-term relationship with ExxonMobil and their heritage in UK fuels pricing with Esso UK’s PriceWatch was also a contributory factor in our decision given our recent purchase of Esso stations.

Mark Scanlon, managing director of IIS, said: “Helping fuel retailers compete more effectively and deliver optimised prices for their chosen strategy is our goal, and as a cloud-based offering is designed to provide a cost-effective, scalable solution.

“It encompasses our experiences of fuels pricing around the world into an easy to setup, easy to use, available everywhere solution,” said Mark Scanlon, managing director of IIS. “We are thrilled that a growing fuel retailer such as EuroGarages has chosen to partner with us.”