Euro Garages has applied for planning permission for a filling station including drive-thru food retail in Bacup, Lancashire.

The proposals comprise a five-pump petrol station, retail store with attached food retail drive-through, an electric charging point, and a total of 14 parking spaces.

The current building on the site, a leisure hall which had hosted events and functions for more than two decades, would be demolished.

In the planning statement with the application, it says the retail elements of the site would be openplan internally, with vehicular access proposed via the existing access point south of the site on Burnley Road.

Vehicles would exit from the north, with a one-way system to be created.

The application stated: “Customers will have the ability pay for fuel, pick up their convenience goods while also being able to access the drive through café/food unit.”

It said that the new development would create about 33 new employment opportunities, adding: “While we acknowledge the social value the local community may place on Bacup Leisure Hall, we believe that the proposed development will deliver overriding social, economic and environmental benefits that should be welcomed and will generally ensure a much more visually attractive and inviting space for local residents and those travelling through Bacup for work or leisure.”