Euro Garages is to use the Access SelectPay solution to manage its payroll. Software solutions provider Access said

that the Top Indie retailer, whose partners include Burger King, Spar and Starbucks, had been looking for an alternative system that would simplify its payroll needs and provide better control and visibility of information.

Employing nearly 1,000 staff, Lancashire-based Euro Garages needed to manage employee turnover and find a reliable method for managing hours worked.

Zuber Issa, co-founder and managing director for Euro Garages, decided to implement SelectPay for its scalability, ease of use and powerful integration.

He said: "SelectPay was the logical step for us. As users of Access Dimensions for many years, we already have a great relationship with the company and were attracted to the benefits of a fully integrated, centralised business solution."

According to Access, Euro Garages now a system that enables seamless transfer of data between the payroll and the accounts, ensuring data integrity and eliminating duplication. Other benefits include the straightforward import of pay data from multiple sites via two-way MS Excel integration, a smooth process for handling multiple pay types and frequencies and the delivery of electronic payslips.


Issa added: "We’re confident that our centralised Access payroll and finance system gives us the visibility we need to keep our growth on track. At Euro Garages it’s vital that our passion for quality and customer service is shared by our employees and a reliable, efficient payroll system plays a key part in that."