Essex Police arrested one man after carrying out human trafficking checks at three car wash premises in Rochford.

At least six police cars were deployed at the Hand Car Wash in the the Golden Cross shopping parade in Ashingdon Road, and more cars were also seen at the Best Hand Car Wash at the Jet service station, also in Ashingdon Road. Officers also visited a premises in Hullbridge Road.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “Police attended three car washes in Rochford on Tuesday, June 14, as part of an operation to tackle human trafficking and safeguard potential victims.

“Officers stop-checked people working at premises in Ashingdon Road and Hullbridge Road. The activity is part of a series of operations designed to protect those forced into labour and slavery.

“Modern slavery is the exploitation of people, who are coerced, deceived, forced in to or are expected to accept a life of abuse, servitude, inhumane or degrading treatment.

“Victims are exploited for many reasons and may find themselves victims through circumstance or association and are considered vulnerable.

“As part of the checks, a 23-year-old man from Rochford was arrested on suspicion of being wanted on a European arrest warrant.”