Work has begun just off the M40 in Banbury on building one of the UK’s largest rapid charging hubs.

InstaVolt has broken ground for eight CPE250 high-powered chargers, which are scheduled to be switched on in late summer.

The site is located just off the M40 at Junction 11, and will include a Costa Coffee, Frankie & Benny’s restaurant and a Miller and Carter steakhouse.

Adrian Keen, CEO of InstaVolt, said: “Strategically Banbury Hub is very important to us as it sits just off one of the country’s busiest motorways, serving the capital in one direction and the UK’s second city Birmingham, in the other. With eight chargers it means drivers will be able to rely on a recharge when they need it most and they will also have the benefit of enjoying the facilities on site while they charge.

“A lack of charging infrastructure on the country’s motorways is often cited as a concern for current and prospective EV drivers. We are solving that problem by deploying chargers where drivers need them most by developing sites up and down the road network just a few hundred metres from motorway junctions.”

Victoria Prentice, MP for North Oxfordshire, said: “It is brilliant news that one of the UK’s largest rapid charging hubs is going to be built in Banbury. Climate change is one of the most important challenges we face today. We have some ambitious targets to reach by 2050. Improving access to charging points so more people can consider an electric vehicle to reduce emissions on our roads is a step in the right direction. I am so pleased to see North Oxfordshire leading the way as we become more eco-friendly.”