Jet has announced that a further 12 sites have joined its network. The latest wins are Ormlie Filling Station in Thurso, Brierley Service Station in Gloucestershire, an MRH site in Grimsby and nine sites in the North East owned by KSC Worldwide.

Chirayu Patel, finance director at KSC, commented: "We’d been with our previous fuel supplier for five years and felt it was time to enhance and refresh our sites. Although we spoke to three major brands, Jet offered us a competitive deal and is a well-known, trusted local brand with around 25% market share in our area."

Jet has also secured its most northerly Scottish site, Ormlie Filling Station in Thurso. This site is owned by Simpson Oils.

Jet in Scotland recently re-signed a contract with Springburn Service Station in Glasgow a 48-nozzle site that is the largest in Jet’s Scottish network. Co-operative Food also chose Jet following a £5m investment to overhaul its Aberfeldy filling station and supermarket. So far this year, four new Jet sites have joined Jet’s Scottish network, with four others committed to join.

Further south, Rakesh Sharma from the Sharma Corporation has signed a contract for Brierley Service Station in Drybrook, Gloucestershire to join Jet.

Jet has also agreed a re-tie deal with the country’s largest independent dealer MRH for 11 sites and has secured an additional MRH site in Grimsby.