ConocoPhillips is making a £6m investment in the future of the Jet brand by bringing its UK forecourts into a standard European image.

It has also reaffirmed its backing for the Smile campaign, despite the decision earlier this year by Fuelforce – which has 170 Jet branded sites – to pull out of the scheme.

Jet has agreed a plan which will see the majority of dealer service stations moving to the new image over the next two years – around 130 sites have been converted so far. They are being completed at the rate of about five per week. The project will mean a common identity for around 2,500 Jet service stations across Europe, based on the Euro-design trialled in the UK over recent years.

Coupled with the move to new headquarters (from Warwick Technology Park to a new building nearby) last spring, the investment demonstrates ConocoPhillip’s faith in the Jet brand, according to Patrick Hudson, the company’s dealer business manager. “The fact we are doing this is a major statement of our confidence,” he said.

“This will be the first time that Jet will have a common image across Europe. In the UK we have had a mix of older image and Euro image in recent years, and this move will help to project the Jet offer much better to our customers.

“The investment also comes at a time when the Jet brand is having one its most successful periods in recent years, with strong interest from dealers in what Jet can offer.

A brand image package which can be tailored to different sites has been developed, with a tender process undertaken to appoint contractors.

Meanwhile, brand communications manager Roy Roley said that Smile continued to be very successful for participating outlets, with customers appreciating the opportunity to gain cash rewards for their purchases.

“Smile has done very well over the years, with some 1.1 million customers signed up,” he said.