Motor Fuel Group (MFG) has donated £10,000 of Murco fuel to The Tank Museum in Dorset for use in its live tank displays.

The initiative comes after the company held a recent opening for a new-to-industry service station at nearby Creekmore, for which The Tank Museum lent a WW2 Chaffee tank.

William Bannister, CEO of MFG, said: “We were delighted with the amount of customer interest caused by having such an attraction on the Creekmoor forecourt.

“It is one of our stations supplied by Shell and at the same time we were pleased to give added meaning to the phrase ‘fill up your tank with V Power’.”

Two hundred thousand visitors flock to The Tank Museum each year to witness the displays of historic armour at Tankfest and Tiger Days, as well as Tanks in Action displays.

With the Chieftain tank consuming around 2 gallons of fuel per mile, running historic vehicles is costly but adds to the visitor experience.

“Operating the historic and running fleet gives visitors the chance to see history in action,” said The Tank Museum’s head of marketing, Nik Wyness. “This donation of Murco fuel will directly support what is the highlight of the visit for many – the chance to see a tank in action. We’re very grateful to MFG for their support.”

William Bannister said: “The Tank Museum has the best collection of moving historic armour in the world and we are extremely pleased to support them with this fuel donation.”