Murco Petroleum has signed a five-year retail branded distributorship agreement with NWF Fuels, one of the UK’s leading fuel distributors with a dealer network of around 80 forecourts.

NWF Fuels will be Murco’s non-solus distributor to forecourts that have entered into their own arrangements for motor fuels supply with NWF. These sites will benefit from Murco’s branding by way of a licence agreement and they will sell Murco fuel supplied to NWF under the terms of the distributorship agreement.

Jim Mulheran, Murco’s dealer sales manager, said: “This agreement is great news for Murco and NWF Fuels alike. Murco will gain a significant uplift in motor fuels sales into the retail sector over the lifetime of the agreement and NWF and its dealers will be provided with a quality supply and branding package. It’s an exciting proposition and I’m confident that this new partnership offers excellent potential for growth.”

Andrew Smith, card marketing & retail manager at NWF Fuels, said: “We are delighted with the agreement we have struck with Murco enabling us to offer our dealer network a significant supply and brand alternative with great deals on pricing, deliveries and all-round dealer support.”

The first dealership to benefit from Murco’s alliance with NWF is Cheddar Motors Ltd in Somerset.