Top 50 Indie Park Garage Group has extended its relationship with the Texaco brand, renewing its existing 25-site supply agreement and adding a further three sites, previously branded Gulf.

“The Texaco brand and Valero’s supply offering continues to be highly successful for our business – over the past five years we’ve seen over 25% volume growth,” said Sunil Tandon, Park Garage Group’s managing director.

“Furthermore, the support of key Valero people such as regional manager Keith Evans has made it a winning package.”

The new long-term supply agreement will see Park Southend, Epsom and Dagenham switch to the Texaco brand and will increase the number of Park Garage sites supplied by Valero to 28.

Andrew Cox, Valero’s director sales and marketing, said: “Our relationship with Park Garage Group goes back many years and we’re delighted we’ve been able to renew our existing agreement with them, and added three more sites as well.

“Sunil, Balraj and Hemant are excellent retailers and I’ve no doubt that under the Texaco brand we’ll see significant volume growth from these new sites and anticipate further growth on the existing sites in the coming years.

“As one of the few refiner marketers in the industry, Valero is able to offer retailers security of supply from Pembroke re¬finery, guaranteed next-day fuel deliveries, and the strength of the Texaco brand. These factors have helped Valero to grow volumes year-on-year and to consistently outperform the industry.”