Porsche says it will have invested €6bn in developing electric vehicles by 2022, and it is aiming for every second car its sells to have an electric drive unit by 2025.

The German car manufacturer will release its first electric model, the Taycan sports car, next year, and expects to sell roughly 20,000 units a year, which is about two-thirds of the current sales figures for the 911.

Porsche says it will have a range of more than 500km, and will produce 600hp, capable of taking it from 0 to 100kmh in 3.5 seconds.

“We opted for a permanently excited synchronous motor in the Taycan,” reports Heiko Mayer, drive unit project leader. “They combine a high energy density with strong sustained performance and maximum efficiency.”

This type of motor enables a very compact design. Mayer explained: “That makes it possible to make the motors and batteries smaller and lighter with the same power figures.”