Following the temporary closure of its Subway stores to comply with the coronavirus regulations, Sewell on the go has joined up with another local family run company to offer fresh fruit and vegetables to its local communities.

When the Subway stores were closed the Sewell team decided to utilise the space by joining forces with fruit and veg supplier Coyle & Sons.

Sewell on the go managing director Patrick Sewell said: “We had three subways integrated into our stores, but obviously everything is evolving day to day.

“And after the government advice we decided to close all of the Subways on the Monday – it happened straight away it was almost zero hours notice.

“We thought, ‘well what can we do next’ and we have a good relationship with Tommy Coyle and his dad with their family’s fruit and veg business so we said is there something we can do?

“And in typical style, we met with them a couple of hours later. It was literally Tuesday morning we had these fruit and veg stalls in place

“We’ve gone from not trading with them at all to having five sites set up.”

Speaking last week Tommy Coyle said there were are plans to expand the partnership further, and by this week they would be in all of the Sewell stores across Hull and up to Beverley.”

The new stalls can be found at our South Cave, Cottingham, Sutton, Chanterlands and Hull West stores.