Fairbanks will partner with Tokheim as part of a three-year contract to deliver wet-stock management services to more than 3,000 Shell petrol stations worldwide.

A combination of hardware and software applications will provide automatic, real-time data to a team of Fairbanks analysts, who will provide detailed statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) analysis of wet-stock data to Shell to help the company benefit from improved wetstock protection and reduce the potential for fuel loss incidents.

Steve Jones, director of Fairbanks, said: “We are delighted that Shell has chosen Fairbanks as their preferred wet-stock management provider. We feel we provide something truly unique and valuable to the marketplace; a suite of remote wet-stock management services combined with a dedicated team of analysts that add value and insight to our client’s data.

“Shell employs a number of diverse systems across its global networks and Fairbanks is well equipped to provide a service that works to meet Shell’s current and future business development ambitions,” added Jones. “This announcement regarding Shell comes on the back of other contracts secured with a number of major customers within the UK so we are all looking forward to delivering the solutions that will provide added value and benefit to our customers; now more than 8,000 sites across 34 countries.”

Shell’s wet-stock manager for North West Europe, Peter Houlton, said: “Shell identified a number of sites which would benefit from remote wet-stock monitoring during a recent risk assessment. Fairbanks emerged as our provider of choice after a comprehensive tender process and comparative trial of service providers. Fairbanks’ wet-stock management service will be critical to helping manage our global petrol retail network using various data capture solutions and valuable reporting methods and we are looking forward to working with Fairbanks over the coming years.”

In 2010 Fairbanks joined forces with Tokheim to help expand the business internationally. Baudouin de la Tour, Tokheim CEO, said: “We are very pleased with the success of the Fairbanks-Tokheim partnership in the worldwide Shell tender for wet-stock monitoring. We aim to provide a range of products and services that provide genuine return on investment to our customers around the world. Shell’s award, after a detailed tender process, acknowledges the value and trust placed in our products, services and partnerships.”