Shell has acknowledged the preconception that garage food is below expected standards in a new campaign to promote their forecourt food brand Deli2Go.

Launching next week at sites across the UK, the retail POS campaign turns this preconception on its head and challenges customers to reassess. Using tongue-in cheek humour and images of Deli2Go food, the campaign’s theme is ‘Proud not to serve garage food’.

The new messaging starts out by the road side, where it is intended to tempt customers as they fill up at the pumps and is further developed as they come in to pay. The newspaper rack announces, “‘Good food found at a garage’, now there’s a headline for you” while in-store posters tell you “Garage food is not on our menu, although you are at Shell and we do serve food”.

Shell’s convenience retail manager Rado Svec said: “We understand that people don’t expect quality food from service stations. So we’ve done what no one else has and tackled that perception head on. Our honest approach acknowledges customers negative perceptions, challenges them and invites them to see and taste for themselves.”