Three forecourt sites operated by West Midlands retailer Shailesh Parekh have renewed with the Texaco brand for another five years.

The three sites are Molineux Service Station in Wolverhampton, New Invention Service Station in Willenhall and Westcross Service Station in Birmingham.

Parekh’s fourth Texaco site, Sussex Service Station, also located in Birmingham, renewed with Texaco last year.

Parekh has a long history with Texaco. He started working at a Texaco Service Station in 1991, shortly after moving to the UK, and after running two Texaco sites as a commissioned operator, he purchased his first Texaco site, Molineux Service Station, site in 2003.

He later purchased New Invention Service Station and more recently has taken on the lease at Westcross and Sussex Service Stations.

Parekh said: “The decision to renew with Texaco was made due to favourable margin and credit terms which have helped me tremendously to modernise and grow my business.”

A number of improvements have recently been made to two of his sites following investment assistance from Valero.

Both the Westcross and Sussex sites have been re-pumped, with a new tank also installed at the latter. The sites now sell all four grades of fuel, having added Supreme diesel to their offering.

Adele Shackleton, regional branded sales manager at Valero, said: “I am delighted Shailesh made the decision to renew with Valero and the Texaco brand.

“Shailesh is an excellent retailer, we have a great relationship with him going back many years, and we’re very pleased that he’ll be with us for many years to come.

“Valero’s offering remains competitive in the marketplace and we will continue to focus on what really matters to our retailers by helping them to grow their business.”