Texaco has launched a nationwide ‘Save 5p’ on Supreme fuel promotion. 

Customers filling up with Supreme Unleaded or Supreme Diesel will receive 5 x Star Rewards Points per litre, equivalent to a 5p per litre saving, throughout the promotion, runs until February 24. The ’Save 5p’ offer is available at all Texaco-branded service stations selling Supreme fuel.

Marketing material has been developed for the campaign that encourages drivers to ’treat your car to Supreme’ while reminding them that Supreme fuel contains performance additives that help to keep their car’s engine performing at its best.

Andrew Cox, Valero’s director sales and marketing, said, “Customers tell us that taking care of their car is important to them so we’re giving retailers the chance to grow their Supreme sales and drivers the chance to treat their car to Supreme fuel and save money.

“Our Supreme fuel promotions have always proved popular with retailers and customers alike so it’s great to be starting the New Year with a nationwide ‘Save 5p’ on Supreme fuel offer."