Two service stations in Northern Ireland have agreed to switch to the Texaco brand, having previously sold fuel under BP. Belsize Service Station in Lisburn, County Antrim, switched this month and Lagmore Service Station in Dunmurry, Belfast, will transfer at the end of the year. The owners of the sites, Henry and Michael Curran, said they moved to Texaco due to the strength of the Texaco brand in Northern Ireland, next day fuel deliveries and the competitive fuel package.

Henry said: "We wanted a supplier that could offer not just a strong brand, but also an excellent service and security of supply. It’s important that our customers can depend on us to meet their fuel needs. A reliable supply network was one of our main criteria for joining and we are reassured that Texaco can offer a 24-hour fuel delivery service. We have a strong relationship with our area manager, and her ongoing support was also a key factor in our decision to sign with Valero."