Kraft Foods is putting some heavy investment behind a flurry of launches and revamps aimed at making its range more c-store friendly.

The company is strengthening its Toblerone range with the launch of a 35g fruit & nut bar this month. The new size extends the existing range - Toblerone introduced fruit & nut 100g and 400g bars last year - and will be backed by a £4m media campaign, including a six-month sponsorhip of ITV1’s Pushing Daisies.

The bars come in shelf-ready display packs of 36, with a rrp of 38p.

Kraft has also launched Oreos into the UK, with a £4.5m media campaign including TV advertising.

The sandwich-style biscuits come in 165g packets as well as a 66g pack and a 115g Mini Oreos pack.

Meanwhile, Dairylea cheese has been given a revamp. The 85g Dairylea portions have been replaced with a 160g pack, rrp £1.15.

And look out for Dairylea Dunkers with a new Nachos variant for dipping, rrp 65p.

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