British American Tobacco UK (BAT UK) is replacing its Vogue Perle Bronze cigarette with a capsule version. The new Vogue Perle demi-slim cigarette, contains a capsule which smokers can pop to produce a spearmint flavour.

BAT UK premium brand manager, Hinesh Patel, explained: "Vogue Perle Capsule has been developed to accelerate the growth of the Vogue family and meet adult smokers’ desire for continued innovation. With the original launch of Vogue Perle we gave adult smokers a whole new format. Vogue Perle Capsule takes the brand to another level."

The cigarettes have a recommended retail price of £6.72 for 20.

Barcodes of new Vogue Perle Capsule will remain the same as the Vogue Perle Bronze to minimise disruption for retailers.

0800 444236