The Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) co-branded range has been boosted with the launch of a Chips Ahoy tablet. This follows the successful debut of CDM with Oreo and with Daim. The 120g tablet blends chunks of Chips Ahoy cookies with chocolate. According to Euromonitor, Chips Ahoy is the number one chocolate chip cookie in the world.

CDM’s whole co-branded range will be supported by a £2m marketing investment.

Combining ’power brands’ has been successful for Mondelez, which claims that CDM Oreo is worth £19.4m and is now the third best-selling CDM tablet in the UK. Apparently the co-brand range is not only driving penetration of CDM, but also driving incrementality, with 67% of sales incremental to tablets and 41% incremental to total chocolate (Kantar).

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