Costa Coffee RTD - VL and FW

Costa Coffee has responded to insights from its coffee shop business to launch two new Costa Coffee RTD variants – Vanilla Latte and Flat White – to drive incremental sales within the coffee RTD segment.

Vanilla Latte is available in a 250ml can format. Vanilla is one of the biggest flavours in Costa Coffee retail and accounts for six million over-the-counter servings every year.

The new Flat White RTD, combines a double shot of espresso with creamy milk to deliver a stronger coffee taste and velvety texture in a 200ml can.

Simon Harrison, vice president, commercial development at Coca-Cola European Partners GB, which owns Costa Coffee, said: “The RTD coffee sector is experiencing over 20% growth in value, as consumers look for pick-me-ups while on-the-go, and increasingly at home as well. Within this, Costa Coffee RTD doubled in size in 2020, growing ahead of the segment and our strategy is to continue driving growth through incrementality as more than 50% of Costa RTD consumers are new to the sector.

“Costa’s coffee shop business gives us insight into the types and flavours of coffee consumers want, and we’re confident our new launches will deliver – bringing new tastes and milk and caffeine profiles to our RTD range just before the peak summer months. We’ll continue to support the full range with impactful marketing and sampling activity this year, demonstrating the ranges’ suitability for a variety of consumer occasions.”