Country Choice has launched a gluten-free confectionery range. The individually wrapped range - frozen and ready to defrost - includes traditional favourites such as a Cherry Bakewell Tart and Madeira Cake as well as some modern twists like a Cranberry & Pecan Flapjack and a Ginger, Polenta and Almond Shortbread, truly something for every taste.

Three varieties of cake slice include Madeira Cake Slice (28g), Chocolate Cake Slice (28g), and Genoa Cake Slice (32g), while a case from the Muffin Selection contains 15 each of two popular flavours - Blueberry (83g) and Lemon flavour and Poppy Seed (95g).

A selection of ‘We Love Cake’ treats includes three slices: Apple Crumble Slice (71g), layered with an apple filling flavoured with elderflower; an Apricot Macaroon Slice (72g), a shortbread base topped with a fruity apricot filling and a toasted coconut macaroon-style crumb; and an Iced Fruit Cake Slice (90g). Also included in the ‘We Love Cake’ range are Bakewell Tarts (47g), with apple, plum and raspberry jam on top of almond flavoured sponge, finished off with the traditional fondant icing and a half glacé cherry, and Chocolate Pecan Brownies (58g), a rich and satisfying, as the name suggests.

Completing the Country Choice gluten-free line-up are the Honeybuns Snowy Hills (85g), a ginger, polenta and almond shortbread with a lemon sponge topping; a Honeybuns Milk Chocolate Brownie (75g), topped with chocolate chips; and the hazelnut and orange flavoured Honeybuns Amondi Cookie (70g).