New drinks company, Cracker, has launched a natural juice drink which aims to revolutionise the ambient juice market,

Produced in the Ukraine, using locally-grown fruit, two variations of the drink - also called Cracker - have been developed: Thick & Smooth and Freshly Mashed. Thick & Smooth is pureed fresh fruit mixed with water, available in four flavours: peach; plum; and apple, pear, strawberry & peach with a rrp of £1.99 for a 1ltr carton; and tomato, sweet pepper and carrot at £1.49. Freshly Mashed is a light juice available in three flavours: apple & raspberry; apple, strawberry & cranberry; and red & blackcurrant, also with a rrp of £1.49 per litre. The launch is backed by a £2m spend, with the emphasis on sampling.

Cracker has also teamed up with Professor David Bellamy, who is involved with the tree appeal ’Fruit Trees for Life’ project, and will donate 10% of the company’s profits to the appeal.

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