Air freshener specialist Frsh Scents is on a mission to make life’s journey better, and is now targeting forecourts with its ‘plastic-neutral’, multi-styled range of scents.

The company works with The Plastic Bank - a social enterprise that aims to use recycling to reduce ocean plastic and global poverty – to ensure its products are responsible for much more plastic being reclaimed and recycled than it uses.

“This means every single Frsh Scents product is certified plastic neutral,” explains the company’s account manager Miles Rankin.

“Ocean plastic is a huge growing problem for everyone. As a socially responsible manufacturer we wanted to ensure that we were part of the solution, not part of the problem. In 2018 our products paid for over 52,167 kilograms of plastic waste to be collected and recycled. That is the equivalent of over 2.6 million water bottles.”

Rankin claims Frsh Scents has become the biggest range in Halfords nationwide since its launch in June 2018… “a great proof point for forecourt retailers to have confidence it’s proven, even if it’s the first time they have seen it,” says Rankin, who stresses that the company’s strong social media marketing helps its customers understand exactly how Frsh Scents makes their life’s journeys better.

“Through imagery and wording that stirs the imagination and digitally ‘stimulates’ the senses, we help create demand for our products,” he says.

“We help our customers understand that Frsh Scents goes beyond being a car freshener, but is rather a lifestyle choice for the modern driver as expressed through fresh designs and fragrances for every taste.”