As the main season for coughs and colds starts, GSK, the maker of Beechams and Panadol, is advising retailers to ensure they maximise self-care cold and flu impulse sales by taking a few simple steps in store.

Convenience shops are increasingly becoming a key place for shoppers to purchase treatment for their cold and flu symptoms, providing retailers with a sales opportunity during the cold winter months but range and visibility in store is crucial to ensure purchases are maximised.

GSK strongly advises retailers to offer a wide range of medicines all year round as people suffer from summer colds and winter allergies outside of the traditional seasonal peaks. However, there are fluctuations in demand across the year and October onwards sees the strongest sales on cold and flu treatments.

Jo Cooper, sales director, grocery and convenience at GSK, explained: “Cold and flu medicines are most often a planned purchase, with shoppers looking for quick and convenient symptom relief from well-known brands they trust.

“A fixture that’s easily navigated, well sign posted and easily accessible will stand retailers in good stead. GSK brands such as Beechams and Panadol are all easily available and offer the option consumers to self-treat conveniently, and further help to ease the burden on the NHS. We advise retailers to be prepared to ensure that their customers are confident they can get supplies from their local store when a bug strikes, especially with last week of December and first week of January seeing the highest sales peaks.”


  • Maximise visibility by offering products within store instead of only behind the counter. Include visual cues such as POS where possible
  • Remove duplication within range to offer more choice to grow sales in store e.g. remove repetition in everyday offerings and provide the No.1 selling brands
  • Although customers will often have a planned product in mind, retailers can drive additional impulse sales of complementary products, such as tissues, by creating displays in FSDU’s or at the till point to provide the opportunity to up-sell
  • Ensure to offer the leading national brands in a variety of different formats such as liquid, tablets, sachets etc. along with single and multi-symptom treatments and specific remedies for targeted relief
  • Group your products into sub-sectors in order to make your full range easier to browse

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