Weight Watchers from Heinz (WWfH) has unveiled two new frozen potato products, two additions to its frozen ready meal range, plus two new iced desserts.

The oven chips are cooked in sunflower oil, while the roast potatoes are coated in a light batter (rrp £1.59 each). Both scored well in research with 73 per cent of WWfH buyers saying they would eat them as part of a main meal.

Thai Green Chicken Curry with Sticky Jasmine Rice and Salmon & Broccoli Potato Wedge Melt (rrp £1.99 each) join the 17-strong WWfH frozen ready range, and the two new iced desserts are Luxurious Chocolate Marshmallow Iced Dessert and Passion Fruit & Mango (rrp £2.49).

The new products will be supported by a £3m marketing package including TV advertising under the brand’s new strapline ‘Now Looking Good Tastes Great’.

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