Heinz is relaunching its Classics and Big Soup ranges of soup, as well as introducing a new line of contemporary recipes.

The relaunch is backed by a £10m support package, including a TV campaign that breaks in October, with a second burst planned for early next year.

Heinz has improved the nutritional benefits of its Classics soups, adding more ingredients such as more tomatoes for Cream of Tomato, more chicken for Cream of Chicken, and more leeks in Potato & Leek soup. It has also reduced levels of salt, sugar and fat.

The new range – Heinz Special – comprises nine new recipes developed by a team of chefs to tempt consumers for whom Heinz soups are more of a cupboard standby than an everyday product.

The range includes flavours such as Carrot & Ginger, Spicy Parsnip, Creamy Veg & Rosemary, and Garden Pea & Ham. Rrp is 79p per can.

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