Two retailers have increased sales of kids’ soft drinks by a combined total of 472 per cent, thanks to the installation of Hall & Woodhouse’s Popzone concept.

Park Garage Group, which operates Feltham Service Station in Feltham, Middlesex, and Quatt Service Station in Quatt, Shropshire, run by Garage Watch chief executive Mark Bradshaw, both agreed to take part in a Popzone rate of sale test for eight weeks, which involved the installation of a branded chiller cabinet.

Not with standing the good summer weather, the installation created some incredible results: Popzone sales growth (both stores combined) was 250 per cent by week five of the test.

And Popzone experienced impressive growth without having a negative effect on other kids’ soft drink brands.

Panda Pops, Panda Still, Panda Clear and Simpsons flavoured waters – the Popzone product range – accounted for 23 per cent of all soft drinks sales across the two sites.

Within Popzone, the Simpsons brand experienced the highest sales, with approximately 230 units of Simpsons Apple sold over the eight week test period.

At Feltham Service Station, Popzone was the number four selling soft drinks brand during the test, outsold only by Coca-Cola and two energy brands.

Popzone sales accounted for 61 per cent of the kids’ soft drinks category, but had no detrimental sales effect on the other kids’ brands.

At the beginning of the test, Miles Harvey, operations director of Park Garage Group, had a few reservations about the Popzone concept.

“We were concerned that Popzone sales would just be a substitute to the sales of other brands, but we are pleased to say that Popzone sales were incremental,” he said.

During the test at Quatt Service Station, Popzone sales accounted for 83 per cent of the kids’ soft drinks category, and at its peak, Popzone sales were 13 times higher than other kids’ soft drinks. Popzone was the only brand to show a considerable increase in sales during the test and it increased revenue at the forecourt by over £60 per week.

“We expected Popzone sales to be good during the summer months when it was hot, but as schools have gone back, sales have continued to be good,” said Mark.

Mark was also amazed at the increase in kids visiting the store to buy Panda Pops.

“As the test has gone on I have noticed more and more kids coming to the till with Panda drinks and children have started visiting the store after school,” he said.

Each Popzone chiller cabinet costs £399 but comes with free product to a value of £399.

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