Nestlé Confectionery has announced what it describes as its most significant launch for the Chunky format of its flagship brand Kit Kat in 15 years Kit Kat Chunky double caramel.

The new bar offers consumers a unique concept in chocolate singles, claims Nestlé Confectionery two halves, each containing a contrasting texture of caramel. One half has smooth runny caramel inside while the other half contains a crunchy caramel filling. Each caramel texture sits on top of crispy wafer and is covered in thick milk chocolate.

The bar, which has a recommended retail price of 58p, is targeted at 25-35 year olds. Nestlé UK and Ireland spokesperson, James Maxton, said consumer research revealed that 71% of consumers would either probably or definitely buy double caramel, compared to the typical new product propensity to buy of 54%.

The new bar will be supported by a digital and social media campaign which is set to reach 23 million people.

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