JTI’s e-cigarette company Logic has expanded distribution of its Logic Compact Intense range into the independent and wholesale channels.

JTI has designed a range of flavour pods with nicotine salts, which it claims meets consumer demand as vapers become more experimental in their vaping choices. The range will be available in 18mg and five flavours; Amber Tobacco, Peppermint, Berry Ripple, Banoffee and Chai Latte.

The pods will be compatible with the Logic Compact device.

Nick Geens, head of reduced risk products at JTI UK, commented: “We’re pleased to introduce the range of nicotine salt flavour pods into the independent and convenience channels to extend and develop our Logic portfolio.

“We are continuing to innovate to ensure we meet the needs of existing adult vapers, and the Intense range offers a great profit opportunity for retailers catering to those customers looking for an enriched vaping experience.”

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