Nestlé Rowntree has become the first major UK confectionery company to introduce low carb versions of two of its best-selling chocolate brands – KitKat and Rolo – targeting the three million British people following a low-carb lifestyle.

Over the past five years in the US, low carb versions of products have become increasingly commonplace with products from lager to breakfast cereals having reduced carb options.

Celebrity endorsement and media coverage have now seen the popularity of the low-carb lifestyle rise in the UK, creating increasing demand for low-carb products, claimed Nestlé.

Sam Hunter, marketing director at Nestlé Rowntree, said: “At Nestlé Rowntree, we are constantly investigating new consumer trends and how we can respond with products that our consumers want.

“This launch is significant because we are the first UK confectionery company to develop a low-carb alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste, texture or appeal.”

Both products will be available from mid-July. KitKat Low Carb has a rrp of 79p for a two-finger bar while the Rolo Low Carb retails at £1.49 for one tube. Seven piece multipacks will also be available (KitKat £5.29 and Rolo £9.89).

“These products are priced in line with their competitive set,” claimed Hunter. KitKat and Rolo Low Carb should be merchandised alongside other low-carb products in the ‘health and wellbeing’ sections, and not on the traditional confectionery fixture.

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