Philip Morris is launching an extension to the Marlboro cigarette brand – Marlboro Blend 28.

Marlboro Blend 28 balances Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos to meet the taste preferences of UK smokers, who prefer Virginia-style cigarettes, which are smoother than American blend cigarettes.

Virginia tobacco is the dominant blend and gives the cigarette its distinctive taste. Burley tobacco gives Marlboro Blend 28 its full flavour while Oriental tobacco ensures that the new cigarettes keep their recognisable Marlboro aroma.

The champagne pack design maintains the key elements of the classic Marlboro design yet distinguishes that Blend 28 is a new taste.

Marlboro Blend 28 comes in two pack sizes, King Size 20s and 10s. It will be offered at the same rrp as the other Marlboro King Size variants – £4.89 for 20 and £2.47 for 10 – and will be distributed by Imperial Tobacco.

The launch will be supported with a trade information programme and gantry advertising.

Javier Muller, Philip Morris general manager, says: “Marlboro is the best performing brand in the UK’s premium segment. We’re confident that Marlboro Blend 28 will help to continue to grow the range.”

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