New from Mr Kipling is the Mini Mince Pie Selection pack featuring nine mini mince pies, containing three each of Deep Filled Mince Pies, Iced Topped Mince Pies and, a new addition especially for the selection pack, Frangipane Mince Pies. And following the success of the Stem Ginger Slices and Candy Cane Slices last year, Mr Kipling is bringing both products back with the addition of Mince Pie Flavour Slices and Reindeer Slices (chocolate and caramel flavour).

In addition to the new Slices, Mr Kipling is launching two new small cakes: Chocolate Orange Whirls and Irish Creme Fancies.

From the Cadbury cake brand there are two new Mini Roll flavours: Caramel and Orange; with seasonal packaging to drive excitement over Christmas. There are also new Cadbury Caramel Cakes, which capitalise on the popularity of the £60m Cadbury Caramel brand.

The Cadbury range has undergone a packaging refresh in line with the confectionery redesign to maximise brand stand-out in store.

The Mr Kipling products will be supported by a TV ad, which will profile the Deep Filled Mince Pies in the closing shot. Meanwhile, the product packaging will feature extra gold hues for more of a Christmas feel.

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