New naughty ‘n’ saucy Nik Naks from Golden Wonder claim to be the world’s first savoury snack to feature the Chinese love potion ginseng.

Launched in time for St Valentine’s Day, the limited edition snacks comprise tomato-flavoured knobbly sticks of corn. The message on the silver metallic packs urges people to ‘lick the stick’.

Golden Wonder category marketing controller Jon Anstey says: “The combination of a great-tasting snack, a dash of ginseng, risqué packaging and steamy marketing support will ensure that people flock to the snack fixture.”

Snack lovers are being encouraged to email Golden Wonder ( with news of what happened after they ate the snacks.

Launch support comes from a national sampling campaign, supported by PR activity targeting tabloid, young adult and broadcast media.

Available until the end of March, naughty ‘n’ saucy Nik Naks retail

at 27p.

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