Nestlé Rowntree has teamed up with soccer legend Ian Wright for a promotion to celebrate this summer’s Euro 2004

The Chants to Win on-pack promotion, which offers consumers the chance to text and win one of 10,000 prizes of £20, will feature across a range of brands including KitKat, Lion, Aero, Toffee Crisp and Yorkie.

Consumers are asked to text a code to a special number and if they are a winner, they will be called back with a pre-recorded message of Ian Wright singing a football chant.

Graham Walker, Nestlé Rowntree’s sales communications manager, said: “Retailers should capitalise on the footie fever this summer. Use point of purchase to create some in-store theatre ready for the kick off on June 12.”

The Yorkie 68g bar will also undergo a wrapper chance for a limited period to celebrate Euro 2004. The brand name will be replaced with ‘Footie’ and football-themed messages such as ‘No passes to lasses’ will feature on the pack.

Meanwhile, Nestlé Rowntree is launching a limited edition four-finger KitKat for the summer – white chocolate and lemon yogurt with a rrp of 33p.

And continuing the programme of events for KitKat this year, Kubes are going orange. From this month, KitKat Kubes Orange will be available in a 50g impulse pack for a limited period, while the 175g hanging bag will be a permanent addition to the category. Rrps are 37p and £1.25.

Finally, Nestlé Rowntree has launched its Christmas 2004 range. Headlining the range is a new offering for the boxed chocolates category – Nestlé Swiss Chocolate Dreams, a premium range of continental chocolates in 200g (rrp £4.99) and 400g (rrp £8.99) packs.

KitKat Kubes Orange gift box, Giant Smarties munch box, and Brilliant Blackcurrant Matchmakers (all with a rrp of £1.99) are also new for Christmas 2004.

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