Nutrition brand Huel has launched a new Huel Bar range, created to improve taste and texture. The line-up consists of four flavours, including Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Coffee Caramel. The new bars are 200 calories, 100% vegan and contain all 26 essential vitamins and minerals targeting the snacking category, whether in between meals, on-the-go, at home, in school or at the office.

Huel Bars are made using oat flour and rolled oats, pea and brown rice protein, cocoa powder, coconut, date syrup and flaxseed. Huel adds a blend of essential vitamins and minerals, aimed at delivering a balanced and nutritionally complete snack.

Huel also offers nutritionally complete meals available in powders (including gluten-free options) and ready-to-drink, making nutrition fast, easy and affordable.

“As Huel continues its rapid growth globally, we wanted to put a strong focus into developing our solid food range,” said Julian Hearn, CEO and co-founder of Huel “We have created a truly unique bar that not only tastes great but provides the important nutrition you need between meals or on-the-go.”

New V3.1 bars are available from