Nisa retailers are set to offer a more competitive lunchtime deal to their shoppers following the introduction of lunch bundles from Co-op.

The £3.50 meal deals have been launched into Nisa to help maintain momentum in a sector which is growing ahead of the total chilled category.

Nisa category controller Ben Purvis said the extensive range of pasta and fruit pots, salads to go, dip packs and sandwiches have also been attracting business from retailers who previously bought these items direct to store or locally sourced.

He said: “The Co-op brand has made a massive change, bringing a significant point of difference and such a wide variety of options.”

Nisa has seen sales value in the category increase by 123% this year and the products in the bundle range from healthy to indulgent and in the future are likely to grow to include other lines.

The focus so far has been to get a strong core range and partners on board, said Ben. “Running a meal deal is hugely important and you can still make a good margin and remain competitive in the market.”

The Co-op own label has also given Nisa partners access to small case sizes of sandwich alternatives which is working well for many, including Dike and Son in Stalbridge, Dorset.

Dike and Son director, Adam Vincent, said: “The cases of four have enabled us to develop this side of the business relatively risk free, making it even more of a destination for customers looking for an inspiring lunch.”