been created to give consumers a healthier lunch option in a handy pot format. Made with natural ingredients and a blend of herbs and spices, each pot contains enough vegetables to fulfil one of the recommended ’five a day’ and provides a source of fibre and protein, while being low in saturated fat.

The range taps into the trend for world food flavours with globally-inspired recipes from the Mediterranean, Mexico and South East Asia, including Mediterranean Couscous, Thai Green Curry, Indian Spiced Lentils and Mexican Chilli Rice. Consumers simply add hot water to the pots to make a ’fuss-free’ hot meal. Rrp is £1.99.

Prep Co comes in vibrant packaging using bright colours to create optimum standout on-shelf. Unilever says a visual preview of the ’vegetable goodness’ inside each pot, matched with health claims on-pack, will target those looking for a healthier on-the-go lunch option.

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