AG Barr is aiming to send sales of Rockstar Original soaring with a pack redesign and a reformulation of its taste.

“The new design will draw consumers’ attention to the energy fixture and we expect demand to be high,” says Adrian Troy, head of marketing for AG Barr. “The new can also references that Rockstar Original has a new, superior taste which will drive trial.”

“The reformulated Rockstar product out-performed competitor Original flavoured products in independent taste tests with more shoppers saying they would buy it.

“Energy shoppers love to try new products and Rockstar has a proven history of delivering great flavours. With its new eye-catching packaging driving footfall and the reformulated taste delivering repeat purchases, retailers should stock up to prepare for the surge in demand.”

Rockstar Original is available in 500ml big can plain and 99p price-marked packs in outers of 500ml x 12.

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