This September, JTI is launching the second wave of its letterpress limited edition tins for its RYO brand, Amber Leaf.

The limited edition tins, designed by one of Britain’s top letterpress artists, celebrate the craft of rolling. Containing a 12.5g mini pouch with papers, they will be available for 4-6 weeks from 1st September, with a RRP of £4.53.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, commented: “JTI has seen continued success for Amber Leaf over the past year thanks to product innovations which are in tune with market trends.

“The brand now holds a 37.6% share of the RYO market, a 12.3% combined share of both the RYO and RMC markets and recently celebrated becoming the number one best-selling RYO brand in every region of the UK.

“The success of last year’s limited edition tins with existing adult smokers means they are a must stock for all retailers looking to maximise their sales, from the UK’s no 1 tobacco brand.”

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