Andrex will be unveiling a streamlined, refreshed portfolio with new packaging this month.

The packaging designs will feature on Andrex Classic White/ Natural Pebble, Puppies on a Roll, Skin Kind, Shea Butter and Quilts, as well as Andrex Washlets.

In store, the new packaging is intended to improve the shopper experience, creating an aisle that is more engaging and simple to navigate by aligning complementary moist and dry products, and displaying them together on shelf.

The five-step Andrex Clean Routine now appears on back of pack, further encouraging dual use to add value to the category by driving incremental purchases. The Andrex Clean Routine, developed in partnership with leading medical professionals, is five simple steps designed to leave consumers feeling cleaner and ultimately more confident. The Clean Routine can also be found on the Andrex website.

The refreshed portfolio is part of an ongoing £60m investment from Kimberly-Clark designed with consumers in mind. At the end of 2014, Andrex Gentle Clean Washlets were also added to the portfolio to offer families a gentle clean and in early 2015, Andrex Classic White and Natural Pebble will also be refreshed to include a ‘touch of cotton’.

In reviewing its variant propositions, Andrex has made the decision to exit Andrex Eco, Touch of Colour, Classic Pink and Classic Aqua from the category. The remaining five core dry and moist product variants provide the consumer with simplified range that reduces confusion, aiding the point of purchase decision while still offering a range of options.

Karel van der Mandele, Andrex marketing director, says: “This is the first time in five years that Andrex has completed a total portfolio overhaul and we are excited about the opportunity for category growth as a result. The new eye-catching packaging is designed to interrupt the shopper gaze, while visual cues for each product strand will inform and educate the shopper, encouraging purchase of both dry and moist products to add value back into to the market.”

The roll-out of the new packaging and exiting of discontinued variants will start in February and is expected to be completed by April 2015.

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