Doritos is supporting the launch of its new Heatburst range with a two-month TV campaign that builds on its ‘For the Bold’ positioning.

The new campaign stars a baby dragon, and will be supported by a digital campaign, using the hashtag #heatwillcome, across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, featuring ‘behind the scenes’ content of the baby dragon at the TV shoot.

Andy Hawkswell, marketing manager at PepsiCo, commented: “Doritos is already an incredibly popular brand and the launch of Heatburst, a revolutionary new snacking experience that is truly ‘For The Bold’, will add even more excitement to the range.

“Doritos attracts a wide audience, but we believe its recent success has been driven by the ‘for the Bold’ positioning, with strong digital campaigns which appeal to a younger adult audience and help to drive a greater point of difference within the snacking segment. We are delighted to introduce our latest new mischievous TV and digital campaign, which will create awareness and stimulate demand for Heatburst, driving sales for retailers as well as incremental growth in the category.”