Ben & Jerry’s is introducing the new Moo-phoria range, which contains just 128-132 calories per serving.

The Moo-phoria family has been designed to tap into the growing trend for low-calorie ice cream by offering consumers a lighter treat, without compromising on taste.

Christina Dunn, Ben & Jerry’s UK country business lead, commented: “We try to offer something for everyone at Ben & Jerry’s, so we’re excited to have an incredible new option for ice cream lovers who like to indulge less often.

“Containing only 128-132 calories per serving and full of all the wonderful chunks and swirls that fans adore, Moo-phoria is the lightest way to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s and we expect it to be a huge success.”

Like the rest of the Ben & Jerry’s range, Moo-phoria uses Fairtrade-certified ingredients and is available in two flavours: Chocolate Cookie Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix.