Topped Pretzel Palooza is the latest ice cream flavour from Ben & Jerry’s, and is being supported by a £3.5m marketing campaign spanning digital, PR and outdoor communications.

The Fairtrade flavour combines vanilla malt ice cream, with a chocolatey hazelnut swirl and chocolatey pretzel chunks.

Christina Dunn, Ben & Jerry’s country business leader at Ben & Jerry’s UK and Ireland, commented: “Building on the successful launch of Ben & Jerry’s Topped last year, we’ve listened to fans and taken into account the rising trend for sweet and savoury taste combinations, to give people an exciting new flavour to dig their spoons into.

“Ben & Jerry’s is an ideal ice cream for snacking, so it pairs perfectly with other snacking foods such as pretzels, which have long been a flavour favourite across the pond. Ben & Jerry’s is giving them a whole new lease of life in the UK with this jam-packed offering, because we know how important it is for our fans to try new, novelty flavours.”