Wine brand Blossom Hill is set to launch its biggest campaign, partnering with online beauty retailer Feel Unique to offer millions of pounds in free gifts to shoppers.

Nearly £16.6m worth of “money off” vouchers as well as nearly seven million “20% off” vouchers will be available to win on-pack across 8.7m bottles of Blossom Hill throughout the campaign – each of them giving shoppers access to make-up brands, including Rimmel and Clinique.

The promotional vouchers will be found on all bottles of the brand’s five biggest SKUs: White Zinfandel, Grenache Rosé, Classic Red, Classic White and Classic Rosé; it will also be running across all three variants of Blossom Hill’s new range of fruit wines: Blossom Hill Spritz.

This will be supported by a £2m through-the-line marketing campaign, with Blossom Hill returning to TV again following last year’s “Feel The Loveliness” campaign, as well as a significant media buy for out of home and digital.

The new TV advertising to support the campaign will run from 9 June on key terrestrial and digital channels, including Channel 4, E4 and MTV. The advert will also be run on Video On Demand channels, including 4OD and YouTube.

Caroline Thompson-Hill, marketing director, Europe, said: “We are delighted to partner with Feel Unique for this fantastic campaign, one that we know is going to hugely excite Blossom Hill’s core demographic.

“The total value of this campaign is unprecedented for a wine brand, both in terms of the prizes on offer, and the way it engages with our female millennial consumer.

“The campaign makes Blossom Hill a more relevant choice for them, giving added value with every bottle. It is also a fantastic time to launch the campaign, especially across our new Spritz range, which is a perfect drink for the summer months.”

The promotion launches this month, and will run throughout the summer until the end of August.