Asda Express

The Asda Express Rylands forecourt on Owen Road, Lancaster, has been granted an extension to its off licence.

The site can now sell alcohol 24 hours a day but has to do this through a hatch between the hours of 10pm and 6am. The company also applied for a Late Night Refreshment licence; this has been granted but is limited to the sale of hot drinks only.

Conditions of the licence state that all spirits must be displayed behind the counter and no miniature bottles of spirits of 20cl or below can be sold from the premises.

Lancaster City Council restated the requirements of a liquor licence. These include having a CCTV system with cameras covering internal areas and the external area immediately in front of the store. The requirement also necessitates the store having a till prompt system for alcohol, with staff using a ‘Challenge 25’ proof of age scheme. Notices must be prominently displayed advising customers of the Challenge 25 policy.