Under the new European legislation (“EUTPD II”), from 20 May 2017, it will be illegal in the UK to sell non-compliant vaping products; and it will be the retailer’s responsibility to ensure they aren’t selling products that don’t comply with the new rules. In order to help retailers prepare for the deadline, blu has announced the launch of its next generation of EUTPD II compliant vaping products.

The new range of blu compliant products will be available from 1 November, and include the blu PRO Kit, Clearomiser and range of e-liquids. As well as being fully compliant with the new legislation, the technology for the blu PRO Kit has also been upgraded to provide a better experience for consumers.

Jennifer Roberts, VP customer marketing at blu (UK), commented: “As the May 2017 deadline nears, it’s imperative that retailers start preparing their stores for the changes being brought in under EUTPD II. Our next generation range of market leading vaping products are compliant and we strongly recommend that retailers stock up on the new range, and also start promoting existing non-compliant stock to sell-through, ahead of the May 2017 deadline. By beginning the changeover to EUTPD compliant stock as soon as possible, retailers will give a positive message to shoppers and show that they understand the category and are a credible vaping stockist.

“The improved technology on our new blu PRO Kit will benefit both consumers and vaping stockists alike, but it’s important for retailers to be aware that as a result of the changes to make the products compliant, the new generation of blu PRO components are not compatible with the existing range. With this in mind, retailers should make sure they sell consumers compatible products and accessories to avoid frustrating cus-tomers by offering them technology will not work with their existing vaping products.”

blu has published a new retailer guide to EUTPD II to help retailers understand the changes. It includes key advice on the vaping market and forthcoming legislation, as well as details on the different vaping trends and blu products available, to help improve retailer knowledge on the growing vaping category.

Roberts added: “The vaping market is booming with a retail sales value of £168m and showing an 18% increase on sales last year but it’s going to see a lot of change over the next six to nine months as the next stage of the EUTPD II legislation comes into effect.

“One of the key aims of the EUTPD II legislation is to improve product quality and safety across the market, which is good news for the market and for consumers. However, with the onus now on retailers to ensure they only stock and sell fully compliant products by May next year, it’s crucial they start planning now to ensure they have enough time to sell through old stock ahead of the deadline. Our new retailer guide provides everything retailers need to know about the vaping market and EUTPD II, including advice on how to spot compliant products, to help them prepare their store and protect their sales.”

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