Snack supplier Bobby’s Foods is set to embark on a pricing campaign in a bid to develop its position as a leading independent supplier of snacks to forecourts all around the UK.

Launching at the end of September, seven of Bobby’s top selling impulse snacks (Prawn Cocktail Spirals, Salt & Vinegar Spirals, BBQ Snax, Cheesy Curls, Bacon Streaks, Onion Rings and Beef Grills) will be reduced in price to 39p per bag, without any impact on the quality, weight or bag fill in each pack.

Chris Smith, marketing executive at Bobby’s Foods, said the price crunch is a long-term pricing strategy intended to encourage more consumers to impulse purchase a packet at forecourts, and generate increased sales for forecourt retailers.

He said: “The overwhelming majority of consumers go to forecourts for fuel, so snacks are a secondary purchase. Therefore we need to do everything possible to support our forecourt customers and encourage impulse buying by consumers.

“One way we can do this is by recognising and responding to the fact that consumers are becoming more price savvy as they seek better valued products. Price-marked packaging is no longer new and consumers are looking for price flashes and banners, which stand out from other products. This is why there will be a price crunch banner at the top of each pack, which aims to make the packs stand out draw in consumers.

“Our refined price strategy will benefit forecourts and consumers alike because we’re offering quality products, which are not available from supermarkets, at a superb retail price.

“During the campaign, we’ll be supporting our forecourt partners with various point of sale material, such as shelf talkers, as well as increased marketing to consumers and retailers via social media and our website. We’ll also be able to support our customers with in-store merchandising, including advice about siting and displays.”