Bonds Confectionery has released its new milk chocolate all year round Mini Eggs.

Bonds’ Mini Eggs are available as a 120g bag which retails at £1 and is expected to be a particular hit with customers in the run-up to Easter to use in Easter egg hunts.

Philip Courtenay-Luck, managing director of Bonds Confectionery, said: “Mini eggs continue to be a popular product not only for Easter but all year round and are a multi-million pound seller. They are particularly important to the independent retailer because they are easy to market and take up little shelf space while offering great consumer value and retailer profit.

“The retailers will have the opportunity to sell mini eggs throughout the year, but will be sure to expect a peak in sales during the spring season when many consumers are stocking up on the product for Easter egg hunts, gifting and self-consumption.”

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